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Jeanie Mossa MS, L.Ac. is a tree hugging artist, author, acupuncturist and medicine woman. 

She has a Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. As an artist she works in mixed media and has created healing spirit dolls, jewelry and clothing in addition to the art in her books.

Jeanie has written and illustrated four books on holistic healing for pets and people. More info on books and online classes at

She has also produced three online classes on holistic pet care, three online classes about alternative medicine for people as well as one on creating a healing art doll. All are included in this section.

Jeanie is also the owner of Four Paws Acupuncture in Salem MA. Please visit her website to learn more about holistic pet care. 

She has previously worked as a steel worker, a glass artist and was a waitress at the Last Supper. She lives in Salem MA with her husband and a menagerie of animals, dragons, faeries and gnomes.




Picture of BARKOPAEDIA: The Canine Book of Knowledge
Everything your dog wants you to know. It's an encyclopedia of health and healing modalities for dog owners including treatments for common pain, ailments, and injuries..
Picture of Basic Canine Acupressure for Dog Owners Online Class
An introductory online course on how to ease your dog’s pain, stress and common ailments with acupressure. This class is for dog owners and those who work with dogs who..
Picture of Holistic Dog Online Class
Treating K9 Pain, Stress and Common Ailments Naturally Price varies according to Udemy
Picture of Healing Flower Essences & Crystals for Animals
Emotional First Aid for Pets Online Class 2 hour online class for animal lovers
Picture of Online Art Doll Class
DIY Healing Art Doll Online Class Price varies according to Udemy
Picture of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Enhance Your Body's Defenses
Online Class Learn how Traditional Chinese Medicine can help boost the immune system, help the body to fight pathogens, colds, viruses and other illnesses.
Picture of Whispers of the O'Fae
Art & Affirmations for the Wounded Inner Child
Picture of The Magic of Animals:  Their Symbolism & Messages ONLINE CLASS
The Magic of Animals: Their Symbolism & Messages Online Class for Animal Lovers!