Beaded Spider Jewelry

Beaded Spider Jewelry

Spider Jewelry from the Royal Museum of Elsewither


One of  a kind beaded spider jewelry handcrafted with Czech glass crystals, glass seed beads, pearls, lampwork glass and vintage beads.

All beaded spiders can be worn as a brooch, a necklace or used as an ornament. 


Spiders were believed to be symbols of prosperity in ancient Rome. In China if one sees a spider drop from its web it is good fortune. In Native American folklore, spiders are believed to be dreamcatchers. As the weaver of the web, the spider symbolizes the spirit of creation. In several traditions, spider is also the symbol of the Divine Mother.


The Christmas Spider Legend

According to this folktale, a poor woman was cleaning her home for Christmas. As she swept her broom, spiders fled to the attic to be out of the way. On Christmas Eve night, the spiders came out for a peek and sung "Oh what a beautiful tree! Let's go help." 

In the spiders' excitement, they crawled along the branches, adding their lacey webs to the tree. When Santa Claus arrived he saw how happy the spiders were with their work and he was filled with joy. He knew however that the woman would be upset to see her tree covered in spider webs, so he turned the strands to shimmering silver. The spiders thanked him and celebrated under the tree later that evening!


Created with love and a touch of magic by jeanie mossa in Salem MA!