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New Spirit Art Doll - La Befana

La Befana Spirit Art Doll

Just in time for Epiphany aka Little Chrismas!

La Befana is the legendary good Italian witch aka Buona Strega who delivers goodies on the eve of Epiphany, also known as Little Christmas. Every January 5th, Epiphany Eve, Italian children put their shoes out near the fireplace or in the kitchen so that the good witch aka buona strega La Befana can fill them with candy, coins and trinkets.

As a child i was always baffled why we were the only kids in the neighborhood that La Befana came to visit. My Nonna always said it was because she only came to see Italian children. Of course i believed her! I still put my shoes out every year on January 5th, a glass of wine and some sort of treat for her. 

This is the second Befana doll i have made. The first one sold a few years ago. She is pictured below. 

I wanted to create another La Befana art doll this year before Little Christmas which is next Sunday 1/6/19. Now that i am living back in the Witch City, Salem MA i feel more inspired.

I found a few vintage embroidered table pieces that reminded my of my Nonna at the thrift shop, along with a vintage head scarf.


I like using recycled fabrics and materials for my spirit dolls. A nice way to be eco-friendly. I also use paper clay instead of fimo or sculpy since those are made from PVC and never break down. Not to mention they are toxic!

You can see more photos of La Befana and more details at

Learn to create your own Spirit Art Doll:

To learn more about La Befana please visit:

Wishing all a very Buon Natale! May La Befana fill your shoes with magical gifts this year.


jeanie & the o'fae

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Wishing all a very happy last weekend of 2018! 

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Happy 2019!

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