Dreaming of Atlantis

Sun-bathing Sea Sprite surrounded by seashells, freshwater pearls, iridescent glass crystals and rhinestones.
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Dreaming of Atlantis 

Sun-bathing Sea Sprite dreaming of the lost continent of Atlantis when dolphins could sing and mermaids play without any worries about mankind.

Created with seashells found on the Waikiki Beach, Winter Island Salem MA

Her face is hand-sculpted, hand-painted eco-friendly paper clay. The body is a small slipper seashell with painted cheesecloth in hues of blue, sea greens and a touch of purple.

She is asleep on a small European Oyster seashell with blue tipped edges. Adorned by genuine Freshwater Pearls, Aurora Borealis Czech glass Crystals, glass bubble beads and silver crystal rhinestones that reflect tiny rainbows when placed in light.

The base of this piece is a larger European Oyster seashell with green moss, a moon snail seashell.

Snail Shells are considered a symbol of rebirth and transition. Their whirled shape of a shell represents the circle of life and the tides of the moon. Because snails have shells, it they also remind us of boundaries and to protect ourselves. Snail shells are the perfect example of Sacred Geometry too.

Spiritually pearls soothe the body, mind and soul while healing negativity. They are a symbol of rebirth, birth, new beginnings. The Chinese believe pearls aid in fertility as the help balance the body’s natural rhythms and hormone levels with lunar cycles. They are considered yin and a sign of the Moon. Black pearls are also attracting prosperity and good fortune.

Oyster prefers to stay put for much of its life. They symbolize the need to be still, peaceful, meditate and serenity. Many cultures revere the oyster as an aphrodisiac since Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love was born from the foam of the sea. Classical paintings depict her birth on top of a seashell. Oysters also give birth to pearls which are associated with lunar forces, the moon and tides.

Stands about 2.75 inches high. Base is about 4 inches wide. Free standing and ready to place on a shelf, table or altar.

Please do not place in direct sunlight or in an extremely wet humid environment. Keep away from pets and children as this is not a toy.

All crystals, seashells, pearls and gemstones are saged and charged with Reiki.

A unique baby shower gift, water sign birthday gift or treasure for your favorite mermaid.

Handmade with love and a touch of magic

by jeanie mossa

Salem MA




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