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Driftwood with Healing Jasper Necklace

Driftwood found on Plum Island, Ipswich MA wire wrapped semiprecious Imperial Jasper, Snowflake Jasper and Turquoise.
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Statement Necklace with Driftwood, Healing Imperial Jasper, Snowflake Jasper & Turquoise 

This statement necklace was created with a lovely piece of driftwood found on one of my excurstions to the beaches of Plum Island in Ipswich MA.

Wire-wrapped nuggets of semiprecious Turquoise and a large piece of Imperial Jasper with earth tones of brown, mauve and sea blues sit in the middle of the driftwood.

Round Snowflake Jasper beads adorn a large nugget of Turquoise with a silver wire wrapped loop at the top. 

This statement pendant hangs from a shimmering crocheted chain of brown and pink cord. Measures about 36 inches long and can be tied to the length you desire.

Driftwood reminds us to go with the flow while being tumbled by the waves of life. It represents the movement of water, wind and sun. It represents death and rebirth as old branches come back to life after being smoothed by the sea. 

Brown Snowflake Jaspers helps to ground, balance and aid in stability and balance. Perfect stone for those who worry or prone to fear and panic attacks. Used for chronic illness and pain.

Imperial Jasper helps those with fears and insecurities. It is a stone of protection as well as healing. Said to combat chronic illness and exhaustion and pain. Helps to balance yin and yang and align chakras.

Turquoise – Known as the Master Healer of Stones. Revered by the Native Americans.  Aids in communication. Soothing to the throat chakra. Used for protection and communication.

All semiprecious stones, crystals and seashells are saged, cleared and charged with Reiki.

Measures about 2 inches wide and 4.5 inches long. A unique gift for all those who love the sea. Gift bag included.

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Handmade with love and a touch of magic by jeanie mossa in Salem MA





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