Jewels of Elsewither

Jewels of Elsewither

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Jewels of Elsewither Collection 

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The isle of Elsewither is said to be located in between the Mists of Avalon and Loch Ness Lakes. Still in existence today, this peaceful country can only be found by those pure of heart and who believe in magic. 

Merriam Webster Dictionary: adverb

elsewither: to some or any other place in a different direction or toward a different objective

his soul aimed elsewhither  

 Our Jewelry Collection from the Royal Museum of Elsewither includes:

Victorian Steampunk inspired pendants & necklaces

Cicadae jewelry with semiprecious stones &  crystals

Beautiful handcrafted earrings

 Gift bag included 

Handcrafted with love and a touch of magic by jeanie mossa

Salem MA

Picture of Victorian Dragonfly Pendant
Hand-painted dragonfly on patina brass filigree with rhinestones. Silver beaded loop and 30 inch copper chain.
Victorian Dragonfly Pendant


$65.00 $50.00

Picture of Steampunk Cicada Brooch
Art to wear steampunk cicada brooch with glass beads, metal gears on bronze star & red leaf.
Picture of Steampunk Cicada & Labradorite Pendant
Moving silver cicada sits upon an antique bronze filigree oval embellished with gold and bronze clock gears. Purple and silver faceted rhinestones catch and reflect th..
Picture of Victorian Cicada Pendant
Victorian Cicada Pendant

$60.00 $50.00

Moving silver cicada adorned with rhinestones on antique bronze fan filigree. Wire wrapped iridescent Czech glass crystals.
Victorian Cicada Pendant


$60.00 $50.00

Picture of Verde Green Cicada with Turquoise Pendant
Verde green patina cicada on antique bronze gold leaf filigree oval. Rhinestones, black Czech glass crystals and semiprecious turquoise.
Picture of Silver Cicada with Selenite Pendant
Silver cicada with violet rhinestone wire wrapped with semiprecious Selenite and black Czech crystals.
Picture of Cicada Cuff Bracelet
Glittery bronze cicada perched on a brass cuff bracelet. Gold crystal rhinestone and Czech glass beads.
Picture of Antique Blue Green Patina Earrings
Antique gold leaf verde blue green patina filigree earrings with gold and silver rhinestones.
Picture of Antique Verde Green Gold Leaf Filigree Earrings
Antique gold leaf verde green patina filigree earrings with gold and silver rhinestones.
Picture of Shoulder Duster Filigree Ruby & Emerald Crystal Earrings
Stunning antique gold leaf filigree adorned with ruby crystals and iridescent emerald green crystal beads.