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Salem Sea Magick Spell Bag Mabon 2018

A collection of sea water, sand, sea salt, shells and treasures gathered from the Salem MA shoreline. Collected on Fall Equinox Mabon 2018. Sage, quartz crystal, candle and sea magick spell for rituals or your altar.

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Salem Sea Magick Spell Bag

For those who want to savor the magic of Salem. Or those who have yet to visit the Witch City. These magickal items may also be placed on your Sea Altar and used for spells.

This Magical Bag Contains:

* One glass bottle filled with sea water collected on Mabon, 9/22/18 at Winter Island Salem MA. This water contains sand, sea shells and sea weed collected at the beach on Winter Island, Collins Cove and Derby Wharf in Salem MA. 

The bottle is sealed with a pentacle in red wax. Charged with Reiki.

Bottle is adorned with silver pentacle charm and semiprecious Amethyst. Amethyst is known as the magician's stone. It is used in magical ceremonies, healing and is one of the most popular semiprecious stones. It calms the mind. Aids in forgiveness and for those who hold grudges. Used for protection. The color violet has the highest vibration of all colors.

Semiprecious Labradorite chips were added to the water. Labradorite is a magical stone that is said to can awaken mystical, or psychic abilities. It helps to clear the aura and protect from negatively. Used to connect with the Angelic, Faery and Spirit Realms.

Please do not consume this water internally.

* One glass bottle of sea salt flakes harvested in Gloucester MA. This salt is from ocean water in Salem and Gloucester. This salt is edible and may be used as a condiment.

* One White Sage with Hemp bundle. (Organic with no pesticides used.)

* Sand and large seashell found on beaches in Salem MA to use in your smudging ceremony. Instructions on how to smudge with sage included.

* Quartz Crystal point bathed in the Moonlight on Samhain 10/31/18 in Salem MA. Charged with Reiki. Place on your alter, bedside or in your pocket for an added touch of magic from Salem.

* Small blue ritual candle.

* Sea Spell on parchment. May be put in your book of shadows or on your altar and used for rituals.

* Two postcards from Salem MA. Each bag may contain different postcards; however, one vintage themed postcard is always included.

All items come packaged in organza bag. Shipped USPS Priority Mail.

All sea water, sand and sea treasures were collected by jeanie mossa at Winter Island, Collins Cove and Derby Wharf in Salem MA. All charged with Reiki.

For more information on Salem MA please visit our website Practical Magic Salem.


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