Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

One of a Kind Baby Shower Gift Ideas

I despise giving normal gifts! And for special occasions like a baby shower or for a Mom-to-be or Mother's Day giving a unique gift makes the event even more memorable. 

When i created the line of Peaceful Peapod necklaces, i had an acupuncture practice in Alexandria VA. Many of my female patients had fertility issues. I also use crystals in my practice to enhance the treatments (for human and animals). So the inspiration to create jewelry with healing gemstones was born.



The Peaceful Peapod Necklaces are handcrafted with non-tarnish colored copper wire in pea pod shapes. Copper wire enhances the healing properties of gemstones and pearls. Many folks have given these to new moms as a gift. So much nicer than a diaper bag!

Each pea pod has a few semiprecious stones or freshwater pearls inside. https://whispersoftheofae.com/peaceful-pods


The Enchanted Bird Nest Necklaces are created with the same non-tarnish wire. I love giving these as Baby Shower gifts. Makes a gorgeous Easter or Spring birthday gift too!


I used genuine semiprecious stones that are said to calm, soothe and relieve stress as well as freshwater pearls which the Chinese believe are a fertility aid. Each necklace is one of a kind. A silk organza necklace cord is included. 

All gemstones, crystals and pearls are first cleared and saged, then charged with Reiki. Made in our Practical Magic Salem Studio by jeanie mossa in Salem, MA.

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