Witchy Bubble Wand Talisman #2

SALE! Rose Quartz, Blue Chalcedony, Moonstone, Czech Crystal & Silver Pentacle.
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Witchy Bubble Wand Talisman


Semiprecious stones: Rose Quartz, Blue Chalcedony, Moonstone, Silver Pentacle

This line of Witchy Bubble Wands was inspired by my many years of living in Salem MAA town filled with history, magic and the Halloween capital of the planet! The fictional home of the witchy women in the movie and novel Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman and the book The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry.

Created with non-tarnish silver plated & rose gold copper wire. Copper wire enhances the properties of the gemstones & crystals. Semiprecious stones of pink Rose Quartz, Blue Chalcedcony, Moonstone are woven on to the wand with clear faceted Czech crystals which reflect the light. 

A silver pentacle charm dangles from the wand.

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love - all types of love! Unconditional love, romantic love, spiritual love, self-love, family love, love of mankind and Angelic love. It is known to calm the mind and relief stress. Wearing Rose Quartz is like taking an ethereal bubble bath. It is also said to be a stone of fertility. 

Moonstone represents our Inner Goddess. Moonstone has been said to be connected to the magic of the moon. It is a stone of fertility, sensuality and magic. It is said to balance hormones as our hormones fluctuate during moon cycles. Worn as an amulet of protection for travelers. Enhances intuition, psychic abilities and is said to attract abundance. 

Blue Chalcedony calms the body, mind and spirit. Relieves stress and is said to heighten psychic abilities and meditative states of mind. Used to communicate with the spirit world. Dispels negativity.  It aids with creativity and brings out the inner child in us. With all that stress and anxiety relieved now we can go play! 

The Pentacle is a five-pointed star with a circle around it. The apex of the star always points skyward so that it faces the divine. Five is a mystical number and symbolizes man. We have 5 fingers on each hand and 5 toes on each foot. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the five elements Fire, Air, Water, Wood and Earth play an integral part of diagnosing a patient. Many people wear a pentacle for protection. Others to connect to the five elements of the earth.

Measures about 3.75 inches. 

Silk organza necklace cord and gift bag included. A magical gift for your favorite witchy woman!

Every bubble scepter is unique. Each bubble scepter wand comes with an easy ecofriendly recipe to make your own bubbles at home

Every crystal and semiprecious gemstone, pearl and sea shell is cleared, saged and then charged with healing Reiki energy. Please make sure to clear your crystals and charge them with your own intentions.

Make a wish every time you use your bubble wand!

Free USA Shipping all orders $50 or more. Gift bag included. 

 Handcrafted with love & a touch of magic by jeanie mossa in Salem MA



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